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Self confidence lesson #1! Let your strengths outshine your weaknesses.

I’m a woman who belongs on a fucking pedestal. He should be happy that I’m even talking to him. He won’t leave me. I’m too good of a girl for him to leave.

Just give him the attitude that you don’t give a fuck. You’re the most fucking amazing thing that ever happened in his life. You’re the most amazing and beautiful thing ever. You don’t settle for low-life guys like that. 

I don’t need him, he needs me. I have an education, I am responsible, I give good sex, I am beautiful, I can cook, I have a sense of humor, I’m easy to talk to, I am strong, I’m funny, I have a good personality, I’m independent, I’m supportive, I am amazing, I am smart, I am a girlfriend that everybody would want.

And I’m not taking bullshit from you.
It’s your loss, not mine.
He can’t find anyone better than me.
I’m the best he’s ever fucking had.
He’s so ugly.
I’m the greatest thing ever.

July 22, 2014

How did I lose myself?

How did I forget who I was? How amazing I am? How intelligent I am
I guess that’s what happens when you trip and fall in love.

I forgot myself for a little while. I forgot the person I was. I forgot that I’m too good for these guys, that they’re not even great. Mike? He’s not even a great guy and he does nothing for me? Why am I getting so upset over him? He has no education, he doesn’t make me happy, he’s weird and awkward, he doesn’t make me smile, he has no brain, he doesn’t know how to be a boyfriend, he’s not smart, he plays games all day, has no life, sucks as any sport, is ugly as fuck. Simply goes to work and goes home to play more games and watch anime and shit. What kind of guy is that? Did I really really settle for someone like that? I settled for less than what I deserve. I don’t need to try to become his woman, he needs to try and become a better man. If he doesn’t, than he needs to just fuck off and fuck himself. What happened to my bitchy attitude toward men? Toward him? He doesn’t mean shit. He’s not even a great guy. I am a fucking amazing and strong woman who deserves so much better. I’m too good for him, WAY too good for him. I forgot that I’m a girl that everybody wants, I’m humble, I’m confident, I’m pretty, I’m not skinny or fat, I’m smart, I’m educated, I can cook and clean, I have a great personality, and I’m worth being loved by someone who treats me like a fucking queen. I don’t need him, he needs me. I fucking settled for a guy way below my standards, what, because I’m scared of being alone? No, Macy, you would rather be alone then have a guy who is below your standards. You don’t deserve this. You deserve a better guy who treats you like a queen. He’s a load of shit that you don’t need to deal with. Don’t even fall back in love, there is nothing to love and nothing to stay for. He does absolutely nothing for you? And you’re falling for him? You’re pathetic. I know you can fucking do better than that. You can find a better man who’s smarter, cuter, and has a fucking personality. You deserve no less than that. And don’t even fall back into the fucking hole because you’re too strong to fall back into it. Be the bitch that you use to be. I’m not taking any bullshit from any guy.


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♡ Find all good posts here! ♡

This will make you feel better

YUI’S heart!!
At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life. (via msndobrev)
I think I might always be in some kind of love with you. F. Cabanes (via kingsxoqueens)
One day I just woke up and realized that I can’t touch yesterday. So why the heck was I letting it touch me? Steve Maraboli (via moaka)

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