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Late night tummy. 😁 #asian #hmong #tummy #blonde #causeihavenobf
July 29, 2014

I guess I tried to not let my happiness go. I tried holding onto it very tightly, because I didn’t want to feel the pain of sadness and loneliness anymore. And that was my own fault. I put too much of my happiness into somebody, and they walked away with it, leaving none for me to sufficiently live upon. So yeah, maybe I’m just at fault for things. I lost myself in the field of love and happiness, fantasizing something that could have been perfect. I lost the love and happiness for myself in that very field, and it rotted away. I kept trying to chase after it… As it came out of my reach, but in the end, holding onto that happiness was the very thing that also made it drift away so quickly.


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Don’t you dare
Shrink yourself
For someone else’s comfort -
Do not become small
For people who refuse to grow.
m.v., Advice to my future daughter, #2. (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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society misguides many people… written by danielle
written for marina

It’s true. <3

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